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With fuel prices sky-rocketing and government environmental regulations becoming increasingly strict, many companies are looking for strategies to reduce their impact on the environment while still closely managing costs.

At Wheels, our environmental mission is to help you maintain the cleanest, most efficient, governmentally compliant and cost-effective fleet program that still meets your unique business objectives.

Vehicle Choice and Usage

Our truck consultants are specialized in the latest trends in environmental technology, such as alternative fuels and drivetrain technology.

Wheels will guide you through the myriad of fuel alternative options — from compressed natural gas (CNG) to hybrids — and help you navigate the complexities of selecting the right engine size and technology.

When it comes to maintaining environmentally friendly fleets, vehicle usage is just as important as vehicle type. Wheels provides best practice recommendations on your complete truck and payload package. And with telematics data, we make additional recommendations based on drive and duty cycle.

Environmental Reporting

Wheels provides online reporting to monitor your vehicle inventories and greenhouse gasses (GHG) and miles per gallon (MPG). We offer replacement cycle planning, fuel card analyses and vehicle mileage reviews, helping you make wise environmental decisions and giving you a quick way to provide environmental reporting to your corporate sustainability team.