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Strategic Oversight

By providing the highest level of visibility and control, you gain the assurance of a fleet that's safe, productive and beneficial to your company's image.



  • Pay-as-you-go system pays drivers for when they actually drive on business, regularly capturing odometer readings and automatically flagging outliers.
  • Our program is aligned with your cost structure and is based on company-provided vehicle cost metrics.


  • Our reimbursement program is integrated with the comprehensive Wheels SafetyFirst program.
  • Run Motor Vehicle Records regularly on your drivers, then assign safety training courses accordingly.

Legal operation

  • All drivers must submit proof of insurance every time their policy is renewed — and we verify that documentation the old-fashioned way, with our own eyes.
  • We also make sure drivers keep mileage logs as required by law.

Compliance with company policy

  • Each year, Wheels captures and records your drivers' written acknowledgement of your reimbursement policies.
  • Using proactive communications, we alert drivers when action such as insurance renewal or maintenance is needed.
  • Through integration with our maintenance program, we can verify repair work has been completed.