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Vehicle Reimbursement Program

Expect everything you need and more.

The Wheels Vehicle Reimbursement Program provides a fresh perspective from traditional reimbursement programs. Because when you reimburse through Wheels, you get more for your money. More insight and control over your budgets, vehicles and drivers. More fairness in how each driver is compensated. More vital services, with more cost certainty and risk controls. And more comprehensive support to keep your reimbursed drivers safe and productive.


Five ways you get more from the Wheels Vehicle Reimbursement Program:

  1. Monitoring and controls defend your interests 
  2. Flexible program with fair payments
  3. Maintenance and support come standard 
  4. Time-tested, all-encompassing safety program keeps drivers safe 
  5. Driver support makes your job easier – and theirs more productive 


From every perspective, Wheels' industry-leading experience and expertise pay off in superior results for your reimbursed drivers and for you.