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The comprehensive solution for managing fuel costs.

Fuel prices have a profound effect on the overall cost of your fleet. While it’s impossible to control the per-gallon cost of fuel, Wheels can help you monitor and control your drivers’ fueling habits.

Wheels Fuel Management program provides an integrated, easy-to-use system that streamlines the fueling process for your drivers and gets them back on the road quickly. It also captures precise transaction data to help you analyze fuel purchases, detect fraud and prevent unwanted spending better than any other provider.

Our Single, Simple, Proven System Relieves Administrative Burden and

Makes Fueling Easy

Our program eliminates mileage-logging and record-keeping procedures, easing the strain on drivers and your accounting department.

  • The Wheels Fuel Card is accepted at more than 165,000 gas stations nationwide
  • The Wheels Fuel Locator mobile app is available 24 hours a day
  • Our tenured Fuel Management program experts answer questions and handle issues regarding lost or stolen cards

Robust Data Collection and Accurate Reporting Helps You Run a

More Economical Fleet

This gives you instant access to actionable line-item detail for each purchase.

Systematic Detection of Fraud and Misuse

Wheels’ advanced tracking and exceptional reporting help you identify drivers who are using their vehicles or Fuel Cards irresponsibly.