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Mobility Solutions

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Wherever you need to go, Wheels moves you.

Wheels is the mobility partner who remains ahead of it all. From company-provided fleets and employee-owned vehicle reimbursement programs, to ride-hailing and pool management solutions — Wheels moves your business forward.

As you evaluate mobility options for your mobile workforce it is important to have a base line. Vehicle leasing is a cost effective and dependable way to provide mobility to your drivers. However, we understand that a leased vehicle may not be the best option in all situations.

This is why Wheels not only stays educated on mobility trends but also offers a variety of mobility solutions to support your business needs. 


Many companies have a group of drivers who require some form of transportation to complete their job but may not need an assigned vehicle. When those employees need to be somewhere for business, Wheels can help you have the right vehicle ready.


Vehicle reimbursement is a common program companies turn to when they want to equip their employees with a vehicle but may not experience the benefits of a company-provided vehicle program.  If this sounds like your company, Wheels offers a vehicle reimbursement program that provides a fresh perspective from traditional programs.


Many businesses and fleets use ride-hailing services in certain situations to help control costs and drive productivity. However, these savings are hard to recover if trip details and expenses are not centrally located. Wheels partnership with Uber for Business offers a solution that automatically captures and provides visibility into your ride-hailing activity.