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Operational Update – Illinois


With our continued focus on improving operational responsiveness, we are continuing to see progress. In December, we exceeded our compliance on Estimated Completion Date with 86% on 45,405 requests – versus our 85% target. For December, the average cycle time to close a case was 6.9 days for the IL campuses. 64% (8% increase YoY for December) of the requests were resolved within 2 business days and 75% were resolved within 4 business days. We do continue to see 4% of the requests taking >30 days to close and these are usually related to title changes or activities which are longer lead time items.


On the Registration front, we completed 93% of the planned renewals before expiration. The largest opportunity for us here is completing the vehicle requirements in a timely manner to enable Wheels to complete the renewal before expiration. In December 11.3% of the renewals were linked to a needed vehicle requirement. Our goal is to have 75% received 45 days before expiration, however we only received 49% from drivers in December. Wheels continues to send communications to the drivers with missing requirements; however, missing vehicle requirements remain our largest opportunity to drive our completion percentage higher. 


Looking at Acquisitions, we continue to focus on timely vehicle deliveries. Our Delivery Status team is focused on the oldest outliers (defined by vehicles at dealers > 30 days). We had an uptick in the total number of vehicles at the dealer in December resulting in an increase in the number aging over 30 days of 10%. The total number of open orders not yet received at the dealer decreased by 6% in December, which helps explain the increased number of vehicles at the dealer. 


We realize the importance of keeping your vehicles on the road and our Maintenance team works to achieve exactly that. For December, our Maintenance teams answered a total of 104,466 calls and achieved an average speed of answering 127 seconds. We continue to monitor call patterns and weather-related incidents and staff to the needs of our drivers and repair facilities. 


Our Remarketing team continuously monitors the wholesale market to assure our clients are receiving the highest market value for their vehicles. December’s market results finished at 101.3%, slightly lower than our YTD at 102.0 %.  December days to sell were slightly elevated at 31.3 days vs. 29.1 days the previous month due to the holiday. Auction transportation is improving at 6.7 days compared to 7.2 YTD average.  

Driver Care

Our Illinois Driver Call Center continues to have strong first contact resolution at 97%. The average speed of answer for December was 25 seconds higher than our goal, as we focused on additional skill training for our newer team members. We have already seen a significant improvement in our overall availability in January and are on pace to beat our average speed of answering goal by 5 seconds.