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Wheels Expands Reimbursement Program with FAVR

Des Plaines, IL, Mar, 3, 2021 - Wheels, Inc. expands its reimbursement program to include Fixed and Variable Rate (FAVR), further diversifying their suite of mobility solutions.  

Wheels FAVR Reimbursement leverages data from their extensive vehicle and driver base. It is delivered in accordance with the IRS FAVR program guidelines, providing companies and employees flexible, fair, localized and accurate payments.  

Companies can manage all facets of their FAVR program with Wheels’ award-winning support resources and technology platform. Each client receives a dedicated account team that offers strategic program oversight and advice. In addition, managers can easily keep track of program activity such as enrollment status, insurance compliance, mileage trends and more with Wheels’ online portal, FleetView™. 

Reimbursed drivers have access to Wheels’ customer service center that offers 24/7 support. They also receive a GPS-powered mobile app from which they can automatically capture their business and personal mileage and conduct other vehicle-related tasks.  

In 2016, Wheels became the first fleet management company to offer a reimbursement solution to its clients. Today, the solution has grown to offer Cents per Mile Rate (Cents Per Kilometer for Canada) with the option to include a managed maintenance program and roadside assistance, Monthly Stipends and FAVR. 

“Companies have varying needs for their mobile workforces, which is why we offer a number of mobility options,” said Dan Frank, president & CEO of Wheels. “From fleet leasing and pool management programs to vehicle reimbursement and ride-hailing solutions, Wheels supports a diverse set of mobility and business needs.” 

Wheels offers the most complete set of fleet and mobility solutions in the industry, working to optimize every part of a company’s mobility program.  

“Whether you are looking for flexibility due to seasonal work, medical exceptions or just want to offer your drivers a choice between programs, Wheels provides options,” said Frank. “In fact, our strategic consultants work with each client to determine the program that best supports the components of their mobile workforce. We’ll then craft a strategy on how to move drivers between programs accordingly.”  

About Wheels, Inc. 
Wheels, Inc. was established in 1939 as the world’s first automotive fleet leasing and management company. Eighty-two years later, Wheels is one of the largest privately held companies in North America, featuring a portfolio of more than 325,000 vehicles under management across the continent, capabilities in 56 countries worldwide, and a client base that consists of some of the best-known businesses in the world. For additional information, please contact info@wheels.com


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