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Unpacking the Impact of Environmental Regulations on Fleet Management

Join us in a meaningful discussion of environmental regulations with our fleet management experts. This comprehensive video interview unpacks pressing questions surrounding legislation, electric grid planning, change management, the new EPA heavy-duty truck emissions rule, and more. Our experts answer the following questions and topics:

  • What legislation may impact fleet management, especially vehicle purchasing and route planning? (2.18)
  • What are the key takeaways on potential legislation impacting fleet management? (4.00)
  • How important is infrastructure in supporting the transition to alternative power trains? (5.43)
  • How should fleet professionals approach the costs of new infrastructure installation? (7.16)
  • How important is the electric grid in infrastructure planning? (8:30)
  • How should fleet managers plan their timeline for infrastructure implementation? (10.18)
  • How important is change management in successfully implementing these transitions? (11.35)
  • What cross-functional groups should fleets work with? (15.17)
  • Can you summarize the EPA’s new rule on heavy-duty truck emissions? (15.53)
  • What types of fleets are targeted by the Advanced Clean Fleet Rule? (17.27)
  • What early planning and adaptation are necessary for fleet owners? (18.34)
  • How should you assess readiness for zero-emission vehicles? (20.43)

Is your vehicle fleet compliant with environmental regulations? Contact us now to learn how Wheels can help you.