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Latest Enhancements in FleetView: Product Update Highlights

New Photos Tab in Vehicle Details

We are excited to now have instant FleetView access to photos taken with our Wheels Mobile Assistant driver app Snap Vehicle Photos feature. Using this feature, you can immediately view important vehicle photos, including:

  • Odometer Snaps
  • License Plate Snaps
  • Vehicle Damage Snaps

Check out our new Photos tab on each vehicle’s page to take advantage of this great new feature!

Updates to Contract Selection Process in Order Management

We have updated our Contract Selection Process to ensure we are capturing all key information when orders are placed. All new approved quotes and ordering templates will now require a default contract selection. You may also notice a slight change to the contract selection module, pictured below.

For those with mixed ownership fleets, you will be asked to indicate Leased or Client Owned in the template. For all fleet ownership types, you will also be asked to set a default contract. You will still have the option to default the template to proceed without contract type. For more information on the changes to our Contract Selection Process, please contact a member of your Wheels account management team.