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Service Fleets

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Every day, tens of thousands of Wheels vehicles are on the road servicing customers. Whether repairing an ATM, installing a cable system or responding to a pest control problem, clients count on the Wheels team with a combined 150 years of truck experience.

Wheels’ wonderful employees really set them apart – they know how to help me configure and procure just the right vehicle for the job.
Manufacturer Client

Wheels understands that your service fleet’s unique characteristics — seasonal considerations, workforce rules, economic model — must be configured to match your business strategy. Due to this complexity, we consult in a variety of areas, including branch communication, inventory management and vendor network protocol. Our programs are designed to help you get the most out of your service fleet.

Right Truck for the Job

Determining the right vehicle can be complicated. At Wheels, we’re dedicated to ensuring you get a truck or van that fits your business objectives. You need vehicles designed to meet your specific needs, and we provide just that by asking the right questions, such as, What kind of cargo are you carrying? What type of safety equipment is required?

Always Road Ready

When something happens to your trucks, it’s not just your customers who suffer. Your bottom line takes a hit, as does something just as important — your reputation. When you partner with Wheels, you can trust that we’ve put a lot of thought into the development of our programs and services to ensure your drivers can hit the road whenever duty calls.

Committed to Regulatory Compliance

We are committed to helping you stay compliant and mitigate risk. We understand that service fleets are complex because there are additional compliance issues to manage — vehicle weight audit, drivers’ mileage log auditing, special licensing requirements, type of material. Managing these gives you:

Truck Operations

Truck Operations

With over 150 years of combined experience, our team can make sure your truck fleet fits your unique needs.

Supplier Management

Supplier Management

We cultivate strong network relationships — with vendors, suppliers and dealerships — to help you optimize your fleet.