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Risk Mitigation

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From drivers to data and everything in between, there is always an element of risk. All it takes is a bad storm or another financial crisis to knock your fleet off track. With 81 years of fleet management experience, we’ve seen it all, so we know what it takes to avoid risk and keep you on the road. 

We keep your drivers and vehicles safe and compliant

Driver safety is important to us. It is also an important component of keeping your risk levels low. From customized safety training to expense recovery, our fleet expertise and comprehensive programs keep your drivers safe and productive:

Strong Fleet Partner, Safe& Secure Data, Safe Drivers, Compliant, Always Open

If your vehicles and drivers aren’t legally compliant, they are not on the road providing goods or services to your clients — which costs you money. Wheels handles all of your regulatory and compliance needs:

Your Data is Safe and Secure

Wheels utilizes in-depth security and risk-management systems, including ongoing testing, employee training and certification to protect your data from unauthorized use or access. You can rest easy knowing your data is safe, accurate and available whenever you need it.

We provide stability and strength as your fleet partner

  • Uninterrupted supply chains
  • Financially solid
  • Strategic business continuity strategy

We Keep Business Moving

  • Lightning strikes, blizzards, floods – We manage through them all by operating out of alternate locations, staying in nearby hotels, and more. 
  • 2008 economic crisis – Wheels’ conservative financial approach ensured that we had the funding to operate “business as usual” when others could not.
  • 2009 vehicle manufacturer bankruptcies – A proactive internal task force scrutinized every aspect of our business, from vehicle acquisition to dealer delivery to maintenance and warranties, to ensure our clients had no supply chain disruptions.


Click to view the Wheels Risk Mitigation video.

Regulatory & Compliance

Regulatory & Compliance

Wheels can help you navigate the complex world of fleet regulations so your vehicles stay on the road.