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Wheels Mobility Guide

When it comes to new mobility solutions, becoming a subject matter expert now will help you make the right decisions when the right market conditions come along. But will also help you curate the ideal mobility narrative within your organization. As part of Wheels’ mission to ensure the topics fleet managers care about remain a top focus, we’ve tapped experts to lead the discussion in our Wheels Mobility Guide.

Under the umbrella of mobility, this new paradigm revolves around connectivity, electrification, sharing, and autonomy. With this avalanche of new ideas, it’s not easy to separate the signal from the noise. Do fleets become first adopters, or stay on the sidelines until these solutions mature? What’s just a fad, and what represents a fundamental shift in how we get around? More importantly, how do fleets take advantage of these new solutions?

There are no easy answers. These new solutions promise fleets greater productivity, improved utilization, cost savings, and safer drivers, but in many cases require a fundamental rethinking of traditional models.

This guide will explore:

  • Industry insights – helping you become a mobility subject matter expert.
  • Wheels insights – Q+A with Wheels CEO, Dan Frank, a spotlight on electrification, mobility options and autonomous vehicles.
  • Peer insights – interview with Alex May at Rollins and Mobility Trends Survey results.

Wherever you need to go, Wheels moves you. We are the mobility partner that remains ahead of it all and helps move your business forward. To start advancing now, download Wheels Mobility Guide: Let’s Get Real on Mobility Realistic vs. Futuristic resource today.

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