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COVID-19: Concerns, Opportunities, Expectations & More

We asked Wheels’ clients to share what’s on their minds as they navigate the difficulties presented by the pandemic. Respondents represent different fleet sizes, span multiple industries and hold a variety of titles.

COVID-19 Concerns, Opportunities, Expectations & More dives into the results of this survey. Topics include:

  • Top item occupying your time – Narrowing it down to a single item was difficult for many respondents. People are juggling multiple tasks, such as working to keep the business moving while balancing the new challenges brought on by the pandemic.
  • We also take a look at how supply chain, policy and special projects have been affected by COVID-19.
  • Biggest concerns your fleet is facing – Responses ranged from keeping drivers safe to keeping vehicles legally compliant to reducing number of fleet vehicles and more.
  • Information you are expected to share with stakeholders – Responses ranged from cost savings ideas to employee safety/risk mitigation to supply chain updates and more.
  • Greatest opportunity for your fleet & mobility strategy – Responses ranged from cost savings to efficiency gains to integration of mobility solutions and more.
  • We also explore tips from your peers to mitigate risks now and in the future.

Companies are relying heavily on providers to deliver the most value out of their fleets while finding new ways to save, adapt their policy, support their teams and keep their drivers safe and productive. Wheels takes great pride in our focus on client success and we remain committed to delivering exceptional service and support even in these challenging times. We look forward to helping keep your business moving now and in the future.

Access the COVID-19 Concerns, Opportunities, Expectations & More guide today to learn more about what currently matters to our clients.

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