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With increasing government environmental regulations, high fuel prices and goals to reduce carbon footprints, many of our clients are looking for strategies to reduce their environmental impact while still managing costs.

The EcoWheelsTM environmental fleet management program is a collection of tools and resources to help you maintain the cleanest, most efficient, governmentally compliant and cost-effective fleet program possible.

Selector Decisions

We created Green Vehicle Selectors to encourage drivers to make environmentally friendly vehicle selections. The Wheels Selection ModelerTM online tool includes fields like MPG and EPA rating to ensure that you can appropriately weigh environmental impact when assessing selector decisions.

Driver Behavior

Online driver training and special communication initiatives help remind drivers to drive in more environmentally friendly ways. ChangeDriverTM, our online driver competition tool, offers a customizable module that is focused on environmentally sound driving practices.


Our FleetViewTM online reporting tool measures your vehicle greenhouse gas (GHG) output and tracks their performance, as well as provides MPG analyses. Our customizable reports allow you to make wise environmental decisions, as well as give you a quick way to provide environmental reporting to your corporate sustainability team.