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Program & Payments

Flexible program with fair payments.

We understand what it takes to successfully manage a mobile workforce. The data we’ve obtained from managing 325,000 employees who drive well over 4 billion miles per year, affords us the opportunity to provide a cost-per-mile program analysis that is fair, localized and accurate, down to the penny.


  • We offer mileage reimbursement for each business-mile driven, which is fair to both high- and low-mileage drivers.
  • Our reimbursement rate includes all the standard costs: depreciation, insurance, registration and fuel but with added flexibility to be fixed or variable, at your option.
  • We monitor and adjust our reimbursement rate continuously to reflect local costs, fuel price fluctuations and more.


We understand that one reimbursement program may not work in every situation, which is why we also offer a monthly stipend as a supplement to our existing program.