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ALD | Wheels Alliance Leveraging Local Excellence to Achieve Global Success (pdf 990kB)

May 2017
Global organizations require seamless support of global fleet processes to advance their effectiveness. As experienced process managers have learned time and again, global success isn’t achieved by doing the same things everywhere.

Wheels Wins CIO 100 Award for Excellence in Information Technology

May 2017

Wheels, Inc., a leader in the automotive fleet management and services industry, was selected by International Data Group’s CIO as a recipient of the 2017 CIO 100. This prestigious award recognizes 100 organizations around the world...

Wheels Appoints Ahsan Rahim as COO

Ahsan Rahim recently joined Wheels as Chief Operating Officer. In this role he will oversee companywide strategy, marketing, product management, and operations. Ahsan will be a key member of the...

Why Authenticity Matters in Customer Service (pdf 241kB)

How do you achieve the “holy grail” of customer service? To help answer that question you can seek the advice written in the hundreds of thousands of books on the topic, attend seminars and conferences, conduct online research – your resources are endless.

Fleet Management Trends Safety Technology Article - Automotive Fleet (pdf 577kB)

Commercial fleets seeking to reduce distracted driving and the associated risks are requesting more semi-autonomous features with leased vehicles such as frontal braking, as well as other safety aides such as backup cameras, Bluetooth, and adaptive headlights, according to fleet management company experts.

Fleet Management Trends Telematics Article - Automotive Fleet (pdf 1.2MB)

Consolidation among telematics providers in 2016 could create opportunity in 2017 for greater differentiation, increased connectivity, better pricing, and more standardization of features for fleets who add this technology, according to fleet management company experts.

Best Practices in Executive Fleet Management - Automotive Fleet (pdf 790kB)

Executive vehicles often demand more attention. This is because these vehicles are often tied to compensation, recruitment, and retention of senior level executives. While this can complicate managing this type of fleet, there are best practices to handle the special requirements of these drivers.

Wheels Summit - Canadian Automotive Fleet (pdf 423kB)

Wheels held its Annual Results+ Fleet Performance Summit in Chicago, Illinois recently. Over 75 Wheels’ clients gathered together to review case studies and recognize their peers accomplishments.

Benefits of a Service Level Agreement with Upfitters Article - Work Truck (pdf 481kB)

A service level agreement (SLA) is a contract between a service provider and an end-user that defines the level of service expected from the service provider. An SLA is an output-based document that defines specific performance metrics and remedies when the agreed upon performance is not met.

Part 1: The Benefits of a Service Level Agreement with an Upfitter (pdf 874kB)

This two-part article examines the pros and cons of a service level agreement (SLA) with an upfitter. Part 1 examines the advantages of an SLA and how to correctly structure its metrics. Part 2 examines 10 potential disadvantages.
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